Forget big screen and flat panel TVs. The Infernoptix Digital Pyrotechnic Matrix is the latest in high-impact visual and audio entertainment. The 96-inch screen employs computer-controlled bursts of fire, in a 12 x 7 array, to create scrolling text, simple animations, freehand sketching (via mouse), and an audio level meter. There's even a percussion mode, which takes advantage of the concussive nature of each burst to allow scripting and playback of complex rhythms. Custom software ties it all together to allow precise and convenient control of all screen functions. Learn More . . .

Infernoptix Debut Events
April, 2006     Palo Alto, CA
Be listening for the distant rumble of the Infernoptix as it debuts at NAO headquarters, followed by a limited engagement at Stanford University. For more info email info@infernoptix and find out how you can sit behind the controls of this machine.
Project Completion
March 13, 2006
After two months of research, design, fabrication, programming, tuning, and debugging, NAO engineering signed off today on the Infernoptix project, proclaiming it fit for use. The first public exhibition is expected to take place within the coming month.


Copyright 2006 NAO Design

Click here to see it in action, or go to the Gallery/Videos page for other videos and full-size images.

One For You . . .
Custom-built screens of virtually any size and style can be specially produced. In addition, the Infernoptix is available for individual events in the western U.S. Learn more . . .


The Infernoptix was designed and built by NAO Design of Palo Alto, California. For more info or a look at our other products, visit

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