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The Infernoptix Digital Pyrotechnic Matrix is the latest in high-impact visual and audio entertainment. The 96-inch screen employs computer-controlled bursts of fire, in a 12 x 7 array, to create scrolling text, simple animations, freehand sketching (via mouse), and an audio level meter. There's even a percussion mode, which takes advantage of the concussive nature of each burst to allow scripting and playback of complex rhythms. Custom software ties it all together to allow precise and convenient control of all screen functions. infernoptix, infernoptics, infernoptic, fire, flame, pyro, pyrotechnic, screen, sign, pyro screen, flame sign, flame screen, fire screen, fire sign, pyro sign, pyrotechnic screen, pyrotechnic sign, pixels, fire pixels, pyro pixels, text, scrolling text, animation, percussion, pyrocussion, nao, nao design, design, palo alto, california, stanford, stanford university, neal, ormond, neal ormond, badonkadonk, computer, software, computer controlled, digital, parallel port, burning man, playa

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